Bite Marks On My Shoulder

Friday, 14 August 2020

{A poem}

Once the sign
Of a good night
Now a mark
Of teething

100 Happy Things (11-30)

Saturday, 1 August 2020

{Happy happy joy joy!}

11/ Fresh from a day at the local spa, I have decided it is time to share more happy things. Today was my first day to myself in such a long time, and I used it to indulge in a back massage, two hours swim and jacuzzi, and afternoon tea for one, ℅ my handsome husband, and his generous gift giving skills. I am very happy

12/ The Real Housewives franchise. It’s tacky and I love it.

13/ My tiny house on driftwood by Indriftic. The man that sells them is so Khal Drogo-esque that you really wouldn’t expect him to produce such delicate trinkets, which makes them all the more loveable. Mine reminds me of being by the water, which is just perfect. I love to be by the sea.

14/ That one time my little boy ran (/crawled super fast) into the kitchen as I was making breakfast, and yelled MAMA at the top of his lungs at me. Of course, when I told him to repeat it he shouted dada instead, and then laughed in my face… But oh, that one time. My heart about burst.

15/ Ageing into items I already own. My Olivia Burton watch, for example, which upon receiving a couple of years back elicited the reaction ‘oh, the face is a little small for my liking’ and an abandonment to the bottom of the jewellry box. Now, a few years on, I see it and I’m like ‘oh MY, what a practical timepiece! It goes with just about anything! I shall wear it all. the. time. ’

16/ Aurora Teagarden murder mystery films. More tack. More love.

17/ Movie nights on the projector.

18/ Risotto. Something I’ve always assumed would be super hard to cook, and so have avoided. However, it’s actually rather easy, and time consuming, which gives me a good reason to say ‘mummy needs to be in the kitchen right now baby, daddy is going to play’ should a half hour break by needed come 5pm ;)

19/ And the ‘Little Paris Kitchen’ cookbook I found in a local charity shop. I can’t wait to make all of the (most appealing) recipes. Especially the cheesy ones. And the ones with wine.

20/ Seeing friends post-Corona. I HAVE MISSED YOUR FACES BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

21/ Beauty Pie’s ‘LOVE’ perfume, my new signature scent. It is absolutely gorgeous, and super wearable. After over a month of it, I can safely say, I love LOVE.

22/ Having a relationship with my neighbours. We spent new years (and many other less high profile days) with the couple to our left, have friendly chats with the ones to our right, and regularly have tea with the lady across the street. I’ve never lived anywhere with such a sense of community, and it makes such a difference.

23/ The ‘How To Talk’ parenting book series. SO GOOD!

24/ Delfts Blond pottery. It’s my new Wedgewood (or at least a close second to my beloved WW.) So beautiful. This teapot is my favourite.

25/ The Daybook Blog, now known as Sydney Liann. I’ve followed this girl since 2011, and am so happy she’s back online 

26/ Spooning.

27/Waking up naturally. It’s very rare, but sometimes it still happens. And when it does? Oh man, it’s bliss.

28/ Bamboo Bamboo baby plates with suction. Because they minimise the amount of clean up I have to do after mealtimes. And that is invaluable.

29/ Seeing mama’s kicking ass at this whole parenting thing. It can be hard, and I love seeing others succeed at it.

30/ Speaking of which, one of my favourite mama’s Etsy ventures is the last on today’s list. Rose and Moo is honestly my go to for all presents now, because I love a personalised piece, and her shop’s pieces are beautiful. I highly recommend at least browsing, if not buying, everything.


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