Drawing Rory

OK, first off, how is it four months since I wrote anything? I had such big plans to share my misadventures in motherhood and yet, my pallys, here we are. It is May, the world has gone topsy turvy, and I am yet to share with you how much I hated breastfeeding (coming soon to a blog post near you! Well, maybe, if I get around to it, we'll see.)

I'm popping by today just to quickly share a new creative pursuit that has been filling my precious free time during lockdown... drawing! I've started a little insta account where I share pictures I've drawn of my son, and I have to say, it's a very relaxing endeavour.

These  are some of my scribbles, and you can follow me here

Hope you're all coping well in this weird old time, and that any new mamas are managing to stay sane. You CAN do this!

Much love ❤️



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