100 Happy Things (1-10)

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

{Because life is wonderful}

1/ This expressive little face ^^

2/ Plus his chunky oversized feet

3/ And his tiny thumbs - especially when pressed against my own thumbs, which seem considerably bigger by comparison

4/ Oh and sleepy cuddles, obviously. Such a snuggle monster 

5/ Cheesy garlic bread at The Botanist. TO. DIE. FOR.

6/ A well brewed cup of tea with milk and sugar, drunk whilst hot (LOL, one can dream)

7/ Watching trash TV*, snuggled up in clean sheets on a cosy duvet

* Love Island

8/ Jellycat toys. Obsessed. Buy them for him so I can have them for me

9/ Our newly enlarged fireplace! Our electric woodburner looks right at home in there. I have missed her dearly

10/ Husband kisses. Muah muah muah 😚


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