The Naptime Struggle

{A poem about naptime. Or lack thereof}
You yawn and then you look at me
Your bright blue eyes gone droopy
You lay your head down on my chest
Make sounds that mean ‘I’m sleepy’
And so I fill your bottle up
And grab your dummy too
We snuggle in your crib-side chair
You’ve given all the clues
But su…

The A-Z of Mothering

{Summarising my experiences through the medium of the alphabet}
A is for... Appreciation. Newfound. For each and every woman ever to have grown, birthed, and/or raised a child. I'm guilty of having been that career woman in my 20's, the one that assumed anyone that chose motherhood over work…

Seeds & All

Watching Little Fires Everywhere as my baba sleeps today, and this quote hit me right in the feels

*wipes eyes, sips tea, has mild existential crisis in front of Amazon Prime*

Drawing Rory

OK, first off, how is it four months since I wrote anything? I had such big plans to share my misadventures in motherhood and yet, my pallys, here we are. It is May, the world has gone topsy turvy, and I am yet to share with you how much I hated breastfeeding (coming soon to a blog post near you! …

100 Happy Things (1-10)

{Because life is wonderful}
1/ This expressive little face ^^
2/ Plus his chunky oversized feet
3/ And his tiny thumbs - especially when pressed against my own thumbs, which seem considerably bigger by comparison
4/ Oh and sleepy cuddles, obviously. Such a snuggle monster 
5/ Cheesy garlic bread at…

After Birth

{As in, life after baby - not as in my placenta}
Being a mum is hard.

It is harder than I thought it would be.

It is harder than anyone warned me it would be.

It is the most beautiful and rewarding experience of my existence, of course.

But, also, fuck me, it is difficult.

I’ll start in the deliver…
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