Snaking About

{A poem about baby moving in utero}

Sometimes I worry you’ll bruise me
And others I worry, you won’t
Let’s be honest, I have no say either way
For I am, quite simply, your host

I lie in the bath and I watch you
As my stomach ripples and heaves
‘What does it feel like?’ your dad will say
His face radiant with pure glee

I don’t quite know how to describe it, but for him, I give it a try
I try to phrase it without causing offence
And with that, this is how I reply:

"...Did you ever have a lava lamp, when they were back en vogue?
"I had a funky purple one, with yellow bits that glowed
"It had to cook for hours, before anything would move
"But once it got up and started, it really got it’s groove
"At times there’d be a bubble, just floating up and up
"And you’d watch it ’til it reabsorbed, mesmerised, in love
"Well, this baby is like that bubble, but taut against my skin
"I feel him press his tiny fists, and roll them from within"

"...Did you ever try a boba tea, when we walked through China Town?
"The fruity one with jelly pearls, that explode inside your mouth?
"If you didn’t, then we’ll fix that, but before I veer off course
"We were talking of the jolts within, that come now with such force
"So, basically with bubble tea, the pops always surprise
"Miniature explosions, that feel rather quite nice
"And when our baby wiggles, his movements can inflict
"Thoughts of drinking boba tea, with extra jelly bits"

"...Have you ever watched a nature doc, focussed all on snakes?
"Or been forced into holding one – peer pressure from your mates?
"Have you noticed how they slither, in such a unique way?
"I never thought the feel of one could truly make my day"

"It’s like a rollercoaster, that makes your stomach dip
"Like driving down a quite steep hill, when the street lamps aren’t all lit
"It can be just like a gig speaker, being pumped with too much sound
"Sometimes he’s in all corners, like a frenzied football crowd
"It’s like a glass of champers, all fizzy at the top
"And like a dodgy takeaway, that didn’t make you throw up
"At times he simply pokes at me, which is easy to relate
"At others a scene from Alien, when he throws around his weight
"To be honest I think that ‘kicking’ is misleading to a fault
"As sometimes he rams into me so hard, I could do him for assault"

I stop and smile at your dad, but he’s frowning in concern
I guess my words didn’t make much sense, whilst making sense in turn
Rather than continue, I try a different tact
"Place your hands here, close your eyes,

"It feels just like that." ♡


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