Pig Wife

{A short poem about snorting really loud - like an actual pig - when sleeping, which is an embarrassing side effect of congestion in pregnancy...}

I didn’t mean to do it
I’m not quite sure what to say
I apologise, oh husband, dear
For snorting us awake



And a little update, just because: Today we had our 31 week appointment with the midwife, and it went really well. Baby G is measuring absolutely spot on, and is already head down, which explains why his hiccups now vibrate in my crotch region. (Eek!) His heartbeat is perfect, and my iron levels are absolutely through the roof, which our midwife, Karen, says made her do a little dance for joy, so obviously no concerns there. WE'RE SO EXCITED!

Just nine weeks to go ðŸ˜


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