Five Faves

{A study in quite nice things}

It has been a busy week. We've had a 4D scan, a new phone that my husband is jealous of (my old one got destroyed by pregnancy induced clumsiness), Love Island mania and tired, tired legs. We've also had a mild panic thanks to all of our apps simultaneously reminding us that bubs is due in TEN WEEKS, encouraging us to spend every spare moment and penny on getting his stuff ready, but we won't delve too deeply into that. Let's just say we need some emotional Savlon to sooth the sting of that final bill. Ay carumba.

Around all of that, I have found five new faves to document...

1/ This quote from Love Island's Elma:

"He’s a good egg and I’m a good egg. I think we’d make a good omelette"

If that doesn't say romance, I don't know what does. Shame she didn't say it in front of the other Islander's though, as they've given her the boot. Bye Elms!

2/ T Swift's new song. Instantly loved the video, whilst quite disliking the song. But, as with all that she does, I have grown to love it despite my initial reaction. What a lovely, lovely message she's conveying here, too (don't quite understand the K Pez bit, but who am I to judge?)

3/ Foodtubers. Can't get enough of watching people eat on the internet. And not even in a pervy way, which could explain away the obsession in a succinct and terrifying manner, but just because I find it fascinating for some reason.

Currently watching: Men Try, Adventures & Naps, Erik the Electric, The Try Channel, the 'stranger picks what I eat for 24 hours' fast food challenge

Ugh, I love it.

4/ My new necklace, by Littlesmith @ Selfridges. Up top are some images from their website. Mine has a vertical silver bar with our surname on, with two round beads underneath in gold and rose gold, embossed with our first initials. I'm going to add baby's first initial when he's officially named, and I can't wait. Soppy and sentimental? Perhaps. A cute and meaningful marker of a next step in our lives, with the additional bonus of being an excuse to accessorise? Most definitely

5/ My baby's face, which I had feared for after our first 4D scan, at 18 weeks, revealed a tiny little joker-esque expression that I had convinced myself would be a part of his identity for all of eternity. That is not the case, however. He is beautiful.

And a bonus 6/ because I've only read one chapter, and so it may fall from grace before we reach the end (and thus I am weary of including it in the offish top 5), but so far I love it, and that is: This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel. So engaging, so pure, so cancelling my evening plans to stay in and read it.

Happy Thursday!


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