Five Faves

{Watch, Read, Listen, Repeat}
Dead To Me
A dark comedy, centred on the lives of two grieving women, Dead To Me is a shock fest of human endurance, female friendship and failing relationships. I didn't expect a lot from it, but I LOVED it. I binged the entire series in a day, eschewing my responsibilities to do so, and I would do it again. The twists are surprising, thrilling and completely brilliant, and I can't wait for season two.

PLL: The Perfectionists
Do I love this show? Do I not? It's hard to say. But as a spin off of Pretty Little Liars, starring two of it's key characters, I had to watch regardless. Based in the creepy college setting of Beacon Heights, a school under constant surveillance, five people are forced together following the tragic murder of a mutual frenemy. For a new show, it hits a lot of its targets, but misses a lot too. I was hooked either way, though it could be argued that the main draw was the weekly breakdowns from number one PLL podcast, Bros Watch PLL Too. PLL is bae.

My Name Is Trouble
James Taylor
Speaking of the bros, they wrote a book! A twisty murder mystery with an uber gothic vibe, Trouble follows a girl called Jenny, on a mission to solve the murder of her estranged father, in order to win his massive fortune. It's a teen romp with a difference, a shock ending, and an emphasis on wine. I'm intrigued by what will happen next.

Unfollow Me
Charlotte Duckworth
BEST BOOK I'VE READ IN AGES!! It's another dark one, I'm afraid, because apparently the light of pregnancy has brought out a craving for darkness in my soul. Anyway, Unfollow Me is the tale of an uber vlogger named Violet, whose perfect family warms the hearts of many lonely souls. Until, of course, she disappears without a trace, wiping her social existence from the face of the internet and releasing no formal statements about where she happens to have gone. All at once, her fans go a little cray, and we follow in their footsteps as they try to uncover the truth - falling deeper into their own messy lives as we do. I read this in less than 24 hours, and wouldn't hesitate to watch an accompanying movie, Netflix series, anything... Loved it.

Shake It Out
Glee Cast Version
I didn't watch Glee, but I've fallen for this song. Put it on repeat and have a sing song. I dare you.

*Illustration by Jennifer Vallez


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