Birth Plans

{A poem about reactions to the words ‘natural birth’… I’m going to give it a go anyway ;)}

Why are you choosing a birth centre, isn’t that high risk?
What’s wrong with a hospital? I’d give that one a miss
Oh lord, not a water birth, like the hippies on TV?
You think you don’t want pain relief, but just you wait and see
I suppose it’s nice to make a plan, but really, there’s no point
The doctor sorts that all for you, so you just save your voice
And what is hypnobirthing? And why have you done that?
Just get the epidural, love, and do it on your back
Don’t think of it as ‘power’, or ‘your right to choose’
They’re medical professionals, dear, what do you have to lose?
You say you’re feeling rather zen, I’d be frightened half to death
Do you not worry about the scars, that you’ll be left a mess?
Now, I’m not telling you I think you’re wrong, but I’d do it differently
I guess you have to do what works,

But I’d rather you than me


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