Baby Brain

Monday, 24 June 2019

{A poem}

I bet you think that ‘baby brain’
Is just something they say
To be funny
But it’s not

I bet you didn’t know that ‘baby brain’
Actually means
The dying off of brain cells
To make room
For your instincts
And those parts of you that don’t run
On intelligence

I bet no-one told you ‘baby brain’
Would reduce your IQ
To the point
That dad jokes are hilarious
And maths equations, impossible

And I bet you thought that ‘baby brain’
Was just a thing
That women get
When they’re broody
Not a scientific phenomenon
That reduces their facilities
To mush

I didn’t appreciate that baby brain
Was a thing
But now I do
Though I may have forgotten by morning
So if someone could remind me
When I start to act confused
That would be grand

Thank you 🙏


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