Missing Things

{A poem about people moving things when they petsit... ðŸ¤£}

Thank you for ensuring, the cat bowl is quite full
For keeping our house active,
And for simply being you

We can’t quite find the wording, to show how much we love
How often and how selflessly, you offer your time up

Because of you we’re able, to leave home for the day
To travel and to just have fun
Without pet woes in the way

But I think it’s time to ask you,
I’m becoming quite concerned
Why do you always move things,
And can this habit be unlearned?

My plants now line the fireplace
My keys live with the cups
And once I’m sure you put a plate
Somewhere really quite absurd

It’s fine, I’m not too bothered
It’s more a curiosity
Why you moved my laptop from the shelf
To the new dining room seat

I’d like to know what drives you
To conceal the things we own
But as I say we’re thankful
Just next time, leave a note?


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