Irrational Tears

{A poem about crying in pregnancy}

It's a very common theory, that the pregnant are on edge
Irrational and weepy, over whatever you just said
And while this can be quite alarming, there's nothing we can do
So here's a list of what, my love, makes your mother cry on cue:
When I'm overwhelmed, frustrated or simply overjoyed
If the dogs haven't been walked yet, and the cats make too much noise
When a young man in a movie gets the credit he deserves
And a character cured of cancer, fears this blessing is her curse
When we've run out of potatoes, and the Co-op has just closed
When your father makes me laugh so hard, hot tea squirts out my nose
When boybands sing their ballads, and TV shows run too long
When I sit at night just thinking 'what if I get it wrong?'
If a book I have preordered runs a little overdue,
When dinner isn't served on time; Netflix has nothing new
When I'm bored, alone, quite tired, or there's just too much to do
When something makes me happy, and when something makes me blue
When I worry I'll be in over my head, with a video game loving lad
When I consider that just maybe, you'll have more time for your dad
But here's the true cause of the problem, (although hormones could be to blame)
It's the thought of how much I love you, dear, before I've even seen your face.


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