{A poem about a visit to triage(/the emergency midwife ward) when 25 weeks, after a rather hard bump to the bump took place c/o an armrest on a coach, when the driver started the engine before I'd sat down. It hurt, but all was well - thank god!}

Boat barge

Why won’t anybody …

How Long Will I Love You?

{A very short poem for my husband on his 33rd birthday- we had this song played at our wedding as we were leaving the ceremony ♡♡♡}

How long will I love you?
Ellie Goulding sang
At least until the world ends, dear
Perhaps beyond even then

Missing Things

{A poem about people moving things when they petsit... ðŸ¤£}

Thank you for ensuring, the cat bowl is quite full
For keeping our house active,
And for simply being you

We can’t quite find the wording, to show how much we love
How often and how selflessly, you offer your time up

Because of you we’re ab…

The Best Day Ever

Sharing some favourite snapshots from our wedding this last August, before the best day of our lives becomes eclipsed with a new best day of our lives, expected to take place one day after our 1st year anniversary. Every part of our big day was painstakingly personalised, and designed to showcase …

Torment @ The Witching Hour

{A poem about the tiny hairy man I welcomed into my home}

You stand outside my bedroom Screaming in disdain
You pace and pound and make it known
I’m in for much more pain

You emotionally torture
And cry and moan and blame
Me for all your problems
Until I beg and plead your name

I don’t understand y…

The Samsung Splat

{A short poem about loss of balance & co-ordination in pregnancy}

I got my first phone at aged 12
A Nokia 3210
I guarded that thing with my life
Careful, even then

And since that day I've given
My phones so much respect
Kept in perfect condition, long past their contract's end

But now m…

Irrational Tears

{A poem about crying in pregnancy}

It's a very common theory, that the pregnant are on edge
Irrational and weepy, over whatever you just said
And while this can be quite alarming, there's nothing we can do
So here's a list of what, my love, makes your mother cry on cue:
When I'm ove…

Inspo: Pattern & Colour (Gran Canaria Edition)

1// An ASOS dress that was all wrong for my skin tone, but all right by my eyes

2// An example of the funk nation style furniture we were surrounded with all week (loves it)

3// Golden streaked tiles to brighten our bathroom experience

4// And a bag I fell in love with at the airport, and subseque…


Please close all the curtains
And turn off every phone
Don’t speak to me, I beg of you

It’s time for Game of Thrones.

*Thoughts on the finale*
First of all, WTF? Second of all, imagine I'm giving you a horrified silence, because seriously, what just happened? Why did that happen? Why do the write…

Trimesters: A Poem About Pregnancy

In the first trimester, I thought that I would die
Survival felt impossible, the joys of motherhood a lie
For six weeks I lay on bed rest, not knowing what to do
Praying for an ending, for a healthy infant too
It’s hard to be optimistic, when you can’t stop being sick
When you’re showed scans of yo…